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Still Life Photography for the Modern Home
Still Life Photography for The Modern Home.

First seen in the 1800s, still life photography continues to enthrall its creators and viewers, and draws on the centuries-old painting tradition. Christie’s online-magazine luxury defined presents four contemporary still life photographers.

Seven films in which interior design plays an important role.

If you are a film fan and architecture lover looking for material for your home cinema, then you should watch these seven films in which architecture plays a leading role.

Prof. Dr. Donato Scognamiglio, IAZI
Direct investments in real estate safe in times of crisis.

Direkte Investitionen in Immobilien haben sich auch in schweren Krisen immer als Fels in der Brandung erwiesen. Er ist auch jetzt keine Entwicklung absehbar, warum dies in der aktuellen Krise anders sein sollte.