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The anthos book on urban climate change.

The first issue of ‘anthos’, published by the Federation of Swiss Landscape Architects BSLA, is dedicated to the topic of urban climate. ‘anthos’ deals with the concrete challenges that the changes in the urban climate pose to landscape architecture and its makers. They have an important role to play in overcoming the climate crisis and especially in adapting our living space to climate change.

Web app creates transparency in the American real estate market.

Characteristics of free markets are, among others, free competition, open market access for all suppliers and consumers, and complete price transparency. At least, this is how economists argue when they evaluate the functioning of markets. Especially in the areas of market access and price transparency, a lot has happened in recent years with the internet and social media, as the example of the real estate website Zillow in the USA shows.

Aussenansicht Vitra Design Museum, © Vitra Design Museum; Foto: Christoph Sagel
Here we are! Design Women at the Vitra Design Museum.

From 23 September 2021 to 6 March 2022, the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein will be showing how women have made decisive contributions to the development of modern design as designers of furniture, fashion or industrial products and as interior architects or entrepreneurs. However, they feature much less often in the history books of design than men.